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Avoiding Collisions in Machine Tools

Author(s): Prof. Robert Schmitt, Dr. Bjoern Dietrich
Affiliation(s): Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL

Topic: 4. Image Processing and Simulation
Presentation: Oral

The article describes the camera based system PartAlign3D which can detect workpiece positions in machine tools. It is useful to prevent collisions which can occur when building prototypes or small series while installing and calibrating the workpiece in the machine tool coordinate system. Collisions can take place between the work piece, the measuring sensor and the tool. This machine vision system can be scaled according to customer needs and can be used as an automation component for rigging processes. The scaling of the machine vision system is based on the complexity of the work piece diversity, accuracy demands and other basic conditions. The modular system currently consists of three possible versions, which vary in number and combination of installed cameras. The use of a cost-effective single camera version can be possible for a work piece position detection in some cases. If the work piece is more complex or not well accessible, a two-camera or even stereo camera system makes sense. The module based system is – similar to the platform system in the automotive industry – based on the same algorithms and image processing operators. The individual modification of the final image processing solution occurs as late as possible during the system packaging. Furthermore the article describes necessary elements in the image processing system needed for position detection, characteristics and typical applications.