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Restoration of the scalar field on the base of the analysis of intensity stationary points network

Author(s): Yu. Galushko, I.Mokhun
Affiliation(s): Chernivtsy university, Ukraine

Topic: 4. Image Processing and Simulation
Presentation: Oral

Some physical aspects of role of vortices (and its networks) in formation of statistical field transporting the information about the initial image are considered. It is shown that vortices as the field junction define the phase structure in the field region, which is comparable with correlation area. The connection between vortex network and network of intensity stationary points is established. Some field restoration algorithms are formulated. It is shown that some gradients line may be interpreted like corresponding equiphase ones. As a result the possibility of new restoration algorithm is appeared. The results of field reconstruction of object image by different chosen reconstruction samples formed under the use of field vortices characteristics and intensity stationary points are presented.