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Scanning Raster Method as Perspective Technology of Precision Angle Measurement Structure Production

Author(s): Valery P. Kiryanov, Alexey V. Kiryanov, Ilya F. Klistorin
Affiliation(s): Technological Design Institute of Scientific Instrument Engineering

Topic: 5. Optoelectronic Sensor-Technologies and Light Sources
Presentation: Oral

The problem of technology setup choice for production of precision angle structures is shown in this paper. For this aim on the basis of error analysis of encoder RESR (Renishaw, England) model row the special comparison criterion was offered. This criterion combines as the encoder error as well as sizes of measuring rasters. It allowed us to estimate objectively the potential possibility of any technology setup. This criterion was named as instability factor. For the first time the major technological setups that are used in world for production of angle measuring structures have been compared and ranged between themselves by this criterion. For estimation the possibilities of technology setups the available information from direct producers of angle measurement structures and own results of angle raster measurements have been used. The comparison results are presented in this paper as the table. It was shown that the possibilities of laser images generators that use the method of raster scanning for production of precision angle measuring structure in two or three times higher then ones of Heidenhain or Renishaw setups. The peculiarities of scanning raster method which is used in laser images generators have been shown.