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Non-contact optical measurement systems for inspection and monitoring of geometrical parameters in industrial applications

Author(s): Yuri V. Chugui, Alexander G. Verkhogliad, Vladimir S. Bazin, Stepan V. Kalichkin, Vadim E. Kalikin, Sergei N. Makarov, Sergei G. Savkov
Affiliation(s): Technological Design Institute of Scientific Instrument Engineering

Topic: 2. Development of Optical Measurement Systems
Presentation: Oral

Modern industry and science take novel optical measuring systems and technologies for solving actual tasks. The novel TDISIE's results in these trends are presented. The wear of the wires during the exploitation results in decrease of the wire cross-section area. This main parameter determines wire resistance, efficiency of power supply, undesirable heating stress due to high current drained by train, and also the mechanical strength of the wire. Since the geometry of critical wire cross-section area is changed it takes instant inspection in remote way. An optical method of wear measurement and defects detection of a contact wire network is developed. It is based on the laser structured illumination of 3D object. Efficient, automatic optical inspection system for high voltage electro-supply network is presented. This system is installed on the train carriage and allows in-suite (live wire, under high voltage, while train is moving) remote optical measurement of wire cross-sectional area with rms area noise value of 1.5 mm , which is sufficient for confident decision-making related to the supply wire wears defects. Measurement of the relative mechanical displacements of critical engineering constructions is the urgent task for industry. Optical measurement system for continuous noncontact monitoring of critical seismic protection devices, related to the oil drilling platforms/bridges/buildings, etc. is presented. Its main technical characteristics are the following: measurement range on the X and Y axes is +-350mm; absolute accuracy in the measurement range is +-0.6mm; the working distance is ~ 1000 mm. Optical measurement network, designed for simultaneous measurements of very large distributed objects is presented. The system provides simultaneous high throughput measurements of thousands of geometrical parameters from the large set of optical triangulation sensors connected to the sensors network. Each sensor is cheap and can be mass produced with high performance to price ratio. The obtained results can be applied to various areas of industry and science.