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Advanced optical characterization of RCE optoelectronic devices

Author(s): J. KovŠ? jr., V. Gottschalch, J. KovŠ?, B. Rheilnšnder, J. ©kriniarovŠ, J. Jakabovi?, D. Ha?ko, J. Chovan
Affiliation(s): FEI STU Bratislava, ILC Bratislava

Topic: 9. Spectroscopy and Scattering Techniques
Presentation: Oral

We have fabricated and characterized a resonant cavity enhanced (RCE) optoelectronic devices based on AlGaAs/GaAs material system by various optic and spectroscopic methods. This includes spectral and LI characteristics combined with near/far-field patterns and optical power analysis. The devices with 40m diameter top contact connected by air-bridge technology were prepared. The devices include bottom AlGaAs/AlAs Bragg mirror and can act as a LED or photodiode. The first results show the influence of bottom Bragg mirror on the properties of these devices. Low conductivity of the top layer influences the shape of the emitted beam in LED mode near/far-field patterns. This contribution is concerned on the advanced RCE light emitting devices properties characterization.