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Optical Measuring System Used In Magnetic Field Detectors

Author(s): Jacek Golebiowski
Affiliation(s): Technical University of Lodz

Topic: 2. Development of Optical Measurement Systems
Presentation: Oral

The optical system used in the magnetic field detectors was designed. In the detector silicon micro-cantilever with planar coil was applied. In Fig.1 the construction of the magnetic field sensor is presented. The interaction of coil magnetic field as well as the external magnetic field influence cause beam deformation. The optical system built of laser diode, moving mirror (beam surface) and photodetector for beam deformation determination is shown in Fig 2. Fig.1: Microsilicon sensor for the measurements of magnetic field induction Fig.2: The principle of optical system operation; Si - silicon structure, Al - aluminum (mirror), F – deformation force In the system CMOS transducer in a shape of optical linear sensor was applied. The computer system for CMOS transducer data acquiring and processing was presented and discussed. The influence of optical system parameters on the measurements accuracy was analysed. The output system characteristics were presented. The optical system usefulness in magnetic field detectors as well as possibilities of system modifications by using optical fibres was also discussed.