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Development of an innovative laser scanner for geometrical verification of metallic and plastic parts

Author(s): Carmignato S. (1), De Chiffre L. (2), Fisker R. (3), Hollenbeck K. (3), Savio E. (4)
Affiliation(s): (1) DTG, University of Padova, Italy. (2) MEK, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark. (3) 3Shape A/S, Denmark. (4) DIMEG, University of Padova, Italy.

Topic: 2. Development of Optical Measurement Systems
Presentation: Oral

In industrial metrology there is a growing demand for dimensional measurements with high accuracy and speed. Although optical distance measuring sensors fulfils the speed requirement in most cases, this is often at the expense of accuracy and traceability of measurements. This paper presents the first results of the European Project OP3MET, contract n. COOP-CT200-32721, started in November 2006. The project concerns the development of an innovative optical measuring system for automated inspection of dimensional and geometrical tolerances, including free-form surfaces, on metallic and plastic parts. A first prototype of the novel measuring system has been developed, using laser triangulation. The system, besides ensuring the automatic reconstruction of complete surface models, has been designed to guarantee user-friendliness, versatility, reliability and speed. The paper focuses mainly on the metrological aspects of the system development. Details are given on procedures and artefacts developed for metrological performance verification and traceability establishment. Experimental results from measurements on metallic and plastic parts show that the system prototype is capable of performing dimensional measurements with accuracy sufficient for most industrial requirements.