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Spectrofluorimetric AOTF-based Test-bench for Imaging and Time-resolved Measurements

Author(s): Vitold Pozhar, Vladimir Shorin, Alexey Perchik, Sergey Boritko, Igor Kutuza, Igor Shilov
Affiliation(s): Scientific and Technological Center of Unique Instrumentation of Russian Academy of Science

Topic: 9. Spectroscopy and Scattering Techniques
Presentation: Oral

Test-bench for biomedical fluorescence measurements is presented. It enables spectral measurements in visible and near IR ranges particularly in time-resolved mode and in imaging mode. Test-bench comprises three instruments. First one measures spectra (0.5-0.9 mcm) of optical radiation scattered in solid or liquid sample. Second block displays spectral images of the sample (300x250 pixels). Third unit detects photoluminescence decay characteristics (5-500 mcs) of the sample at variable wavelength. In each cases the sample is illuminated with laser light continuous (1st and 2nd) or pulse-periodic (3rd instrument). Spectral selection is accomplished by tunable monochromators, which contain two acousto-optical tunable filters (AOTF) placed in series. Double monochromatization ensures high spectral contrast (up to 50 dB). Computer is used to control test-bench and to display and save data. Test-bench was employed to study photo-luminescent substances (photosensitizers) synthesized for early luminescence diagnostics of cancer. In particular, fluorescent spectra were recorded and preliminary estimations of substances distribution over mouse tissues were completed. The work is supported by ISTC foundation (project 3065).