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Investigation on performance verification of coordinate measuring systems with optical distance sensors

Author(s): Carmignato S. (1), Savio E. (2)
Affiliation(s): (1) DTG, University of Padova, Italy

Topic: 1. Interferometry & Optical Testing Techniques
Presentation: Oral

Optical coordinate measuring systems are increasingly used for dimensional and geometrical measurements in industry, due to their rapidity and other advantages respect to contact probing systems. However, they are influenced by additional error sources respect to contact measuring techniques. The lack of internationally recognised standards for testing optical measuring systems, is one of the reasons why industries have difficulties in comparing different systems and in evaluating the accuracy of optical measurements. The paper presents an investigation on procedures and artefacts for testing coordinate measuring systems with optical distance sensors. The work includes an experimental examination of the performance verification procedure proposed in the German guideline VDI/VDE 2617-6.2: 2005, which is considered as one of the fundamental documents for the development of the future ISO 10360 standard on testing of coordinate measuring systems with optical distance sensors. On the basis of specific experimental results, the main problems and limitations arising in the implementation of testing procedures are analyzed and further developments are proposed.