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Fine spectroscopy of Heterolaser Radiation Change under an Ultrasound Strain

Author(s): L.A.Kulakova
Affiliation(s): Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute RAS

Topic: 9. Spectroscopy and Scattering Techniques
Presentation: Oral

The acoustooptic and acoustoelectron interactions results (as was shown earlier) in the frequency modulation of nano-dimensional laser radiation. To find the ways of interaction efficiency increasing it is necessary to separate these interactions. The dynamic method is submitted, as alternative to the used earlier static method. For its realization, we used the optical Fabry-Perot etalon with high spectral resolution (up to the tenth shares of Angstrem) and large dynamic dispersion range (about 18 Angstrem) and high-speed detection devices for registration of optical and electrical signals: photodetectors (the time of a current increase no more than 5 ns), wide-band and high-sensitive amplifiers and oscilloscopes (the bands of 400 and 200 MHz accordingly). The comparative research of thin spectrum analysis techniques (static and dynamic) has been carried out. The advantages of the dynamic method for investigation of thin spectra of different heterolasers and of its change under alternating strain have been shown. The model of thin dynamic spectrum analysis has been designed and the treatment of experimental data on spectrum dynamics of the InGaAsP/InP-structures at the presence of surface acoustic waves has been carried out. The authors are grateful to Presidium of RAS and the RFBR (project no.07-02-00557) for financial support.