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Diffused light due to multiple scattering in body cells

Author(s): Pavel Tománek, Lubomír Grmela, Pavel Dobis, Jitka Brüstlová
Affiliation(s): Brno University of Technology

Topic: 9. Spectroscopy and Scattering Techniques
Presentation: Oral

The living body tissues consist of cells which dimension is bigger than a wavelength of visible light. Therefore a Mie scattering of transmitted light occurs and different polarization states arise. The paper presents a method allowing measure the freshness of processed meat on the basis of changes of polarization state due to the multiple scattering of light in the cellular tissues. The transmitted or reflected polarized laser light exhibits multiple scattering on the thin slice of sample. The phenomenon is different if the cellular tissues are living or dead. In the case of meat, there are temporal and dynamic changes not only as a result of chemical process, but also of geometric deformations due to the water evaporation from intracellular and extracellular sites. The polarization measurement shows the changes in polarization orientation due to the muscle orientation and meat aging.