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Portable Mid Infrared optical sensor for measuring of water concentration in oil

Author(s): N. D. Stoyanov,M.P. Mikhailova, S.S. Molchanov, K.V. Kalinina*, A.P. Astakhova, T.I. Gurina*, H.M. Salikhov and Yu.P. Yakovlev
Affiliation(s): Ioffe Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, *IBSG Co., Ltd.

Topic: 5. Optoelectronic Sensor-Technologies and Light Sources
Presentation: Poster

We proposed a new method of registration of water content in cut oil based on optoelectronic LED-PD sensor. The original method for growing of narrow band-gap heterostructures based on III-V quaternary solid solutions was developed. On this basis the optoelectronic devices - light emitting diodes and photodiodes working in spectral range 1.6-5.0 microns were created [1]. In this range there are strong absorption lines of such relevant gases and liquids as CO2, CH4, H2O etc. It is one of the important tasks for oil industry a control of the water concentration in cut oil directly on-line on the oil well. Content of H2O can vary from 0 to 90%. Widely used in optical sensors two-channel scheme of measurements don’t allow obtaining of accurate and reliable results due to non-homogeneity of the oil-water mixture. Three color LED matrix based on GaInAsSb materials with built-in thermocooler and central wavelengths at 1.65um, 1.94um and 2.20um was designed. Optical cell of the sensor included LED matrix and wide band GaInAsSb photodetector. Comparison of the three independent signals allows to calculate accurately water content for very different types of cut-oil mixture. [1] M.Mikhailova, N.Stoyanov, I.Andreev, B.Zhurtanov, S.Kizhaev, E.Kunitsyna, K.Salikhov and Yu.Yakovlev. SPIE Vol 6585 p.658526-1