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Compact LED-based Device for Luminescence Measurements

Author(s): Igor Shilov, Kamil Shamkhalov, Boris Zubov, Anatoly Pashinin, Georgy Danielian, Vitold Pozhar
Affiliation(s): Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Fryazino Branch

Topic: 9. Spectroscopy and Scattering Techniques
Presentation: Poster

Photodynamic therapy become powerful technique for cancer diagnostics and treatment. We have suggested use of intense (250 mW) light emitting diodes (LED) of UV and visible range for thick (200 mcm) tissues illumination as laser radiation in this case looses initial coherency and polarization so only energy causes effects. We describe small-size LED-based instrument developed to study luminescence of porphyrin metal-complexes in solid, and in liquid form as well as in tissues. Device contains following elements: LED-based light sources having programmable pulse characteristics, fiber-optic bifurcated probe comprising high-aperture SiO2/SiO2:F fibers, and high-sensitive (0.1 nW) computer-controlled mini-spectrometer. Device also comprises objective lenses, optical filters, and mirror-walls quartz cell for liquid measurements. It is presented spectral characteristics of Yb- and Pt-complexes of porphyrins merasured in powder form, and in solutions. Also, distribution of developed photoluminescent substances over mice organs and tissues was determined. The work is funded by ISTC (project 3065).